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Before I started doing the streetwear writing on Day & A Dream, I had my own site for a while called “Curators Of Dopeness” (#shoutout to all of my former writing colleagues: RockoStedy, my wife Dara, my homie Elizabeth Domino, my dude Renzo, and my brother in rhyme Tominique aka Nasty Nique). On Curators of Dopeness, I had a chance to interview a young gentleman by the name of Preston Boyer, a sneaker collector turned fashion designer, who at the time was conceptualizing a brand called “77EAVEN” (you can guess how that is pronounced). Little did I know at the time that he would grow and evolve into a world renown designer of a new eponymous (his first and middle name), complete with coverage on sites such as HIGHSNOBIETY & coverage at New York Fashion Week 2017. I had a chance to do an interview with Preston on yesterday to see what has he been up to, since that interview so many years ago, what he has going on today, and things that are coming in the future.

Italic: D3 The Concrete // BOLD: Preston Boyer // Writer’s note: All photos are from the Preston Douglas archives.


Tell us who you are where you are from?

I’m from Houston, Texas. Born & raised. 

Please tell us about how you came into this industry?

 I got into the fashion industry through my passion for sneakers. I started collecting sneakers around 13 due to my love for skateboarding, basketball, and music. The sneaker culture eventually led me into the realm of fashion and I’m grateful for that!

You were one of the first people who I met that started in sneakers and transitioned into fashion design. What compelled you to make that transition?

Yeah, it’s definitely a much more common theme now than it was back then. I started taking fashion design classes when I was a senior in high school on the weekends and played around with the idea of starting my own brand. I’ve always been creative and entrepreneurial so it seemed only natural for me to take this step, but there is so much that goes into creating a brand that I had to learn before launching. I launched Preston Douglas in January, 2016 and so it took me about 3-4 years of trial and error, research, and mentoring for me to be in a position where I was ready. And I’m still learning something new every day.

Tell us about your previous brand 77EAVEN (2014 Throwback!!). What elements of that brand were retained in Preston Douglas and what elements were discarded or transformed?

Yeah man not many people know that story and I was a bit shocked that you still do! That was my original brand name that I played with from [ages] 17-19. I was really struggling with a lot of issues during that time of my life, which is part of the reason why it took me so long to decide to just do it, but looking back I’m glad I waited. The number one thing I have retained from that initial concept within my brand today is the emotion and conceptual nature of my collections.

Congratulations on your upcoming Pop – Up Shop. Tell us about the event and what can people expect.

Thank you! This upcoming pop up shop is the first for the SAINT JOHNS collection [of Preston Douglas] and we will be installing the coinciding artwork in the space as well. It is also the first ever sample sale and people will be able to purchase samples from the first 3 collections in addition to the most recent collection. We will have some great Black Friday deals going on and Saturday, November 25th just so happens to also be Small Business Saturday

Also tell us about the NYC show in 2018! Apparently, this will be your second time out there with Preston Douglas (the first time being your HIGHSNOBIETY collabo show for NYFW), so what are you going to be doing differently from the previous session?

Well there are definitely no guarantees for a New York 2018 show just yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and putting in the work that I can, but 99% of that happening is out of my control. Highsnobiety invited me up to New York this past July to preview the SAINT JOHNS collection for their NYFW: Men’s presentation and that was an amazing first experience being a part of men’s week, but this next show we are working on will be much bigger and better.

Any advice for young people who are aspiring to open their own resale and/or retail shop?

My number one piece of advice for any brick-and-mortar shop in this day and age is to make sure there is some sort of experience that goes along with shopping at that specific store. We are in the midst of a complete retail shift and the fashion industry especially is facing both the positive and negative consequences of how people are shopping in this day and age. 

In the meantime, be sure to check out Preston at his pop-up store on Black Friday &

Small Business Saturday! Flier is below and you can click on it to go to the Facebook event: