The freshDark Music Festival has returned for it’s third year with more wavy-ness than the ocean itself.  Cheesy line…yes, lol.  This year’s line up consists of sought after vibe creators and oft obscure musicians.  After a tumultuous refresh post Hurricane Harvey, the festival was reset to December 9th.  The 2017 headliner is Iman Omari of the Vibe Music Collective.  His vocals and production will definitely lull you into a fantastic stupor sure to calm you.  Returning will be OSHUN fresh off of their lively performance from AfroPunk Atlanta.  Plus the plethora of talented artists including B. Cool-Aid, Jack Freeman, The Hue, Phillipe Edison and so many more.  The curators of FDMF wants to provide a place for sonic discovery and a stage for emerging artists.  Stay tuned to our coverage and artist spotlights.

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