tobe nwigwe

Tobe Nwigwe has a message for you in regards to the power of why.

Pay attention to Tobe Nwigwe long enough, and you realize why the former University of North Texas football player found his calling. He raps with the stoicism of a running back attempting to find the hole. Highly animated? Nowhere near it. No puffed out moment of delusion. In fact, every single Tobe Nwigwe video to date is on his living room floor. He’s seated, between the legs of his partner as she twists his hair. Regardless of the beat, no matter the tempo, that even-keeled flow prevails.

“What It’s For” takes all of that energy and places it throughout Houston. From bus stops to young men attempting to figure out masculinity and manhood all at once. Nwigwe’s lyrics play out thanks to Toby Canning’s direction. He is seated in front of a bus stop as a string section and piano player circle around him. He raps about his mother who bought him his cleats when she didn’t have much. How he’s representative of many kids from Alief, who either didn’t make it, got stagnated or are just pushing.

As the beat builds up, Nwigwe is just getting started. The drums slice in, and he’s letting loose with a gruff rasp and cadence to lead a nation. Stare Tobe Nwigwe in the face, and you slowly begin to understand why people have tuned in every Sunday to hear him rap. For every non-believer, he wants to show you what the following already know. The Nigerian-American seeks to stake another claim for Alief in regards to Houston rap.

See it all play out in the “What It’s For” video below.