Get familiar with Solace, the newest member of Houston’s Milky Wavy imprint, with her debut EP, thesis.

Bobby Earth may have one of the best ears for talent ever. The Houston artist-producer’s Milky Wayv imprint prides itself on being different – relying on Earth’s penchant to experiment with different sounds and go outside of the box with concepts. The Milky Wayv are many. It contains individuals like Peyton, EROS, Trey Graves, and Muwosi. But this year, despite taking his talents to Cali at the start of November, Bobby Earth found another gem to put on the Wayv. That new gem, is Solace.

Technically introduced to the world at large by way of her self-produced single “No More” this summer, Solace’s voice is, for lack of a better word, soothing. There’s a reason the Houston-hailing songstress bears a name synonymous with peace, and why her Twitter moniker has her proudly referring to herself as a hipster. When Jonquel brought together a number of local R&B/soul artists for his first-ever “Meet Me at The Garden” show back in September, Solace was the second to last performer. She was perhaps the least-known in the room when the night began, but prompted all of the “Who’s that girl?” responses once her set had ended.

Now, Solace is sharing her gift with the world, by way of her debut EP ‘Thesis.’ The singer released the project at the start of November. Twelve minutes in length, ‘Thesis’ may be brief but there’s beauty in every second of it.

Most of ‘Thesis’ employs toned-down, soft instrumentation – the echoing piano keys on outro “you were meant to grow,” for example, or the lonely acoustic guitar strums on “ollie.” At intervals, snippets of a voicemail interview play throughout the project. The beats work to Solace’s advantage by making the singer’s voice the centerpiece, whether she’s talking about love or life lessons. Even on the EP’s most-upbeat moment, an infectious 80-second symphony called “reverb nation,” Solace’s vocals hop over the snares and skip across the bass guitar in the background.

From start to finish, right down to the gospel-esque, spiritual tones of “you were meant to grow,” ‘Thesis’ sounds fresh… untainted. The Milky Wayv insists that the EP is “a smooth sonic journey.” It’s certainly that, and then some.

Stream Solace’s ‘Thesis’ EP for yourself down below and grab it now off the artist’s Bandcamp page.