KenTheMAN calls out her stalkers on a catchy new single, “Lurkin.”

“You ain’t gon’ find nothin’ (on my page) – b*tch, stop lurkin’!”

The downside of social media, is that nearly everyone has access to everyone else. You can track somebody’s life, or footsteps, literally by following their digital footprint. You can become a “fan” or “follower” of someone, too. But nobody likes a stalker – especially when they’re looking for something to use against you.

KenTheMAN knows a little something about being watched and followed. The Houston emcee behind “Deserve” has gotten plenty of attention – the bad as well as the good.

Enter “Lurkin,” KenTheMAN’s latest single and the self-anointed “Punchline King’s” first release since herĀ “Some Metro Boomin Type Beat” freestyle some months ago. Much like she did on “Deserve,” Ken opts for an island-groove style beat to spit over. She even adds an island inflection to her voice, rolling her “L’s” and “R’s” on the hook. But listeners would do well to not let the body rock and the urge to island wine distract them, because KenTheMAN has a story to tell. For nearly four minutes, Ken brags on how she makes men succumb to her whims and also calls out those who try to keep too close an eye on her.

You should be watching [your man] instead of me, like cable!” Ken taunts on the track, singling out insecure women who see her as a threat. Although, to be fair, KenTheMan does say she IS a threat. She proudly admits to keeping her ex on a leash (“I let him take me shoppin,’ and then I pull a fast one!“), and implies she’s the other woman on the line when a man is with his current flame. But “Lurkin” also puts KenTheMAN’s talent on display, because hook at the beginning and end aside, she only raps on one long verse for the entire song. It may be asshole-ish in nature, but damn if “Lurkin'” can’t be applied to ANYONE (a friend, a significant other, or even a hater) who’s too nosy for their own good.

Stream KenTheMan’s “Lurkin” single for yourself below and grab it now off iTunes.