EDF does Fat Pat proud on “Cloud IX,” the Platinum Hands-produced lead single from his upcoming Original Playa EP.

After mounting one of the most aggressive release campaigns of his career in 2016, EDF mostly played the background in 2017. The self-proclaimed “EveryDay Fresh” emcee may have kept his releases to a minimum, but he was much subtler with his moves. EDF posted up on his soundcloud, dropping a number of freestyles (over 21 Savage’s “Bank Account,” for example) and laying the groundwork for an impending project.

That project, it turns out, is finally nearing completion. Slated to be entitled ‘Original Playa’ and produced entirely by Platinum Hands, EDF shared the project’s first single, “Cloud IX,” earlier this week.

Houston natives will immediately recognize the Fat Pat sample that kicks off “Cloud IX” and keeps pace in the background during the track’s three-and-a-half minute run-length. EDF never hesitates to pay homage to the hometown in his music and “Cloud IX” is no exception. The rapper name-drops the locales he’s cruising through, from Fondren to Scott Street; and even brands himself a “Westheimer Superstar,” while describing his never-ending high. Credit Platinum Hands, too, for crafting a nostalgic, slowed-down and snare-driven beat for EDF’s catchy flow to creep along. The only thing the track is missing? A styrofoam cup and a candy-painted red Cutlass with the choppas glinting, so “Cloud IX” can burst through the speakers as one swangs through the streets.

Stream EDF’s “Cloud IX” single for yourself down below. EDF’s ‘Original Playa’ EP is due out sooner than later.