This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street.

Another thing that you will learn about me is that not only do I celebrate the culture of streetwear artistry, but I am a participant in the musical aspect of the culture as well (They don’t called me the #BestDressedRapperInTexas for nothing! #SHOUTOUT to @dirtyknowsnasty aka Dirty & Nasty, my music group)! NOT ONLY THAT, I am also a fan of the culture of hip hop and all of its elements. More important than all of this, I am a FAN of the artform, not just my group, but many other groups, home and abroad!

One of my favorite music groups from Houston is Rosewood Thievz, three guys from Third Ward who have a hardcore passion to spread the message of “Groove Over Division”. I have had the pleasure of knowing these gentlemen for a number of years and I have to say that their dedication to creating great music, packaged with an awesome live show is paramount to their success as musicians.

So, when a visually powerful lookbook & short film from their team showed up in my inbox, I jumped at the opportunity to help them post their latest visual presentation. It is related to fashion, in that it is:

“highlighting the various levels of one’s rise in their career. From the bare-it-all mentality artists have when they first begin the journey

all the way to when they are soaring high at the top of their game.

We must always be striving toward the best and reaching above, because only in that space will we truly be free.”

Check out the lookbook and film below and tell us what you think!


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Photographer: Unique James
Art Director: Unique James
Director of Photography: Jesse Agiriga
Production: CompoZition Studios
Editor: Jesse Agiriga
Models: Rosewood Thievz
Stylist: Joy Cohen
Clothing Designer: Kyra Clothing
Wardrobe Provided By: John Lee Clothier & Frost Town
Music Composition: Joseph Strawder