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Now, as much as I talk about Supreme on this page, you would think that they are my favorite streetwear brand ever; however, they are not. My favorite streetwear brand of all time, has got to be Undefeated.

For those of you who are interested, Undefeated (also spelled as UNDFTD) opened its doors on September 11, 2002, in Los Angeles, California, by Eddie Cruz and James Bond. 15 years and 12 locations later, they are still going strong, as one of the preeminent streetwear brands in the world.

Now, they have released their Holiday ’17 line. They have always managed to produce quality products, while also staying true to their foundation of sports and military grade silhouettes.

Here are a few pictures of my favorite pieces from the line:

Undefeated x New Era “Eject” Cap ($50)

Undefeated Shell Cargo Pant ($88)

Undefeated UNDFTD ThermalĀ (Check out the detail on the chest: Uniform, November, Delta) ($64)

Undefeated UND Heavy Plaid Flannel ($84)

Undefeated Quilted House Slipper ($48)

Undefeated 5 Strike Coaches Jacket ($110)

Go to and check out the full line!