This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street.The next 1 – 2 articles are going to be pretty special because I will be continuing to share my experience of, what has to be, the best streetwear/sneaker convention going on right now: COMPLEXCON!Again, for those of you, who have been hiding under a rock, atop a mountain, beneath the sea, COMPLEXCON is a  2 – day extravaganza of sensory overload, packed within the Long Beach Convention Center! It is filled with the best, biggest, and boldest of streetwear in not just the United States, but also the WORLD (Japan, France, Denmark (what?), etc). To put it plainly, if you put South By Southwest, Agenda Tradeshow, and Comic Con in a blender for 30 seconds, you would get COMPLEXCON.

For now, let’s discuss Day 2, which was FILLED with dope kicks, celebrity sightings and a love for streetwear that will last for all ages! (Writer’s Note: All photos are by COMPLEXCON, unless otherwise stated).

Photo by Dara Landry

You know for Day 2, I had to stunt even HARDER, so I pulled out the big guns shoes to show that I was not playing games:

Green “U” cap by Ebbets Field Flannels x Undefeated 

Green Ralph Lauren Polo shirt 

Multicolored The North Face jacket 

Blue denim jeans 

Black Supreme Fanny Pack 

Nike SB Dunk Hi’s “420 Skunks”

We got in the UBER and hit the Long Beach Convention Center in less than 2 minutes. Did I mention that we were staying about 2 minutes away from the ComplexCon venue?

Once we arrived to the alternate entrance, we noticed that the line was less organized than the first day. The stanchions that separated the VIP line from the General Admissions lines were too wide apart, which allowed for more skipping and jumping ahead by late arrivals to the convention. Asides from that, the line experience was fine. I got a chance to meet a gentleman and his wife, who drove from El Paso, TX to be at ComplexCon. We discussed married life, shoes, and the idiosyncrasies of people who think that shoes are the end all, be all of life.

Once we entered the venue again, it was game time. I got in one line, which was MUCH shorter and much more organized, while my wife got into another line that was shut down early on the previous day, due to a rowdy crowd that near destroyed the edifice of the pop-up shop. She got a ticket, which guarantee her a pair of shoes. The good news is that we BOTH got shoes in each of those lines. The GREATER news is that we are not going to tell you what they are, until later this week (Follow me on IG & FACEBOOK: @D3THECONCRETE & For now, I will show you a sneak peek of one of the pairs of shoes:

Photos By D3 The Concrete

Upon getting what I actually came to ComplexCon to get, I decided to take a victory lap around the LBC Convention Center. Here are some photos I took along the way (Writer’s Note: all of these selfies and other pics are by Dara Landry & I, unless otherwise stated):

Me & T. Piper of Day & A Dream / Sole Kalibur

Me & Jinx of Complex Media

This picture is one of my favorite from ComplexCon 2017. It’s a picture of me with Jeff Staple, founder and designer of STAPLE Clothing. He was, really, the only person that saw the subtlety in my outfit and complemented me on it. Not only him, but the people he was with gave the same comment. I proceeded to fanboy out, but then I gained composure and asked to take a picture. He, then, reached into his bag and gave me a pin, which looked like this:

Come to find out, this was one of the top 3 rarest pins from the PINTRILL x ComplexCon 2017 scavenger hunt that was going on during the weekend. Thanks, Jeff. You are the greatest.


I met this woman at the colette Paris shop. She was behind the counter and helped to check out my merchandise. From her poise at the counter and her kind demeanor, I assumed right off, that she was the owner of the company. Au revoir, colette! We will miss you.

One of the top 3 people who I wanted to meet was Jerry Lorenzo, founder and creative director of Fear Of God. An unashamed Christian, he uses religious imagery to influence his creative flow and product. Very cool and laid-back, he took some time from his schedule to take a picture with me. Awesome dude and IF I had the funds, I would support his clothing line a BUNCH more!


I had to represent it right, for the ladies: BOTH Melody Ehsani (my wife’s favorite streetwear brand name) and Leah McSweeney, the founder of Married to the Mob (one of the first all-female streetewear brands) were at ComplexCon, filming an episode of “Improper Etiquette”, a show started by McSweeney, co-hosted by Laura Stylez from HOT 97.

Me & APEX, graffiti artist legend out of San Francisco, CA. Had to get a picture with him.

Me & the man behind Rare Panther, Paulo Wallo!

Me and DJ A-Trak of Fool’s Gold Records!

This young man right here had the most incredible hustle spirit of the ENTIRE COMPLEXCON! His name is Paypaboy and you probably have seen him on his IG account, eating cereal out of his shoes! He spent his mornings, out the venue, before entry, giving these away:

Cereal with his name and face on the box! SO SMART!

Me & Willie D! Droppin’ them 5th Ward B’s on ya!

Me & Brad from Pintrill!

Me & Adrienne of Ms. Rprsntd!

This guy right here was a great, serendipitous meeting! Jordan, who used to work with both Alive & Well (Seattle, WA) & Ebbets Field Flannels (also in Seattle, WA). He is an inspiration to us all and I was honored to take a photo with him. He is currently a freelance content creator, so if you need him, don’t hesitate to Google him!

Both of these men are the REAL MVPs of the festival: security for the UNION x NIKE Jordan 1 OG Hi line. They held it down for the crown. If you know their names/IGs/Twitter, please send it to me!

Me and Dascha Polanco. Bruh… My only question is, why do I look like a member of the Creeper Club in this picture?! I do have to say that she is a VERY beautiful woman in person. Straight up. Love her in Orange Is The New Black.

Me & Futura Dos Mil aka Futura 2000 bka Futura. TRIPLE OG Legend in the streetwear/street art game. Last of a dying breed. World class act. Got a chance to link up with him again and he REMEMBERED me from 2012, when we met in Houston, TX at SPEC’s!

Alright y’all, I think that’s enough pictures for now. Thank you for following my journey and I look forward to going again next year!

P.S. – Here’s a photo gallery of Day 2, from the good people at ComplexCon 2017. Enjoy!

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