Photo by D3 The Concrete

This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion from the street!

The next 2 – 3 articles are going to be pretty special because I will be sharing my experience of, what has to be, the best streetwear/sneaker convention going on right now: COMPLEXCON!

For those of you, who have been hiding under a rock, atop a mountain, beneath the sea, COMPLEXCON is a  2 – day extravaganza of sensory overload, packed within the Long Beach Convention Center! It is filled with the best, biggest, and boldest of streetwear in not just the United States, but also the WORLD (Japan, France, Denmark (what?), etc). To put it plainly, if you put South By Southwest, Agenda Tradeshow, and Comic Con in a blender for 30 seconds, you would get COMPLEXCON.

For now, let’s discuss Day 1 (Writer’s Note: All photos are by COMPLEXCON, unless otherwise stated):

Photo by Dara Landry

So, my wife and I purchased these 2 Day passes and then WON some VIP upgrades! That was fun.

Photo by D3 The Concrete

This person is “Allah’s Apprentice”, an MC that was in the courtyard of the venue. His setup was simple, but his bars and trumpet playing were very complex.

Photo by Dara Landry

Red “U” cap by Ebbets Field Flannels x Undefeated 

Red Ralph Lauren Polo shirt 

Multicolored The North Face jacket 

Blue denim jeans 

Black Supreme Fanny Pack 

Red New Balance x St. Alfred CM1500


After we waited for 2 1/2 hours(!), we finally made it inside of the venue… to wait in another line.

Photo by D3 The Concrete
Photo by D3 The Concrete

I waited 4 hours in this line, for shoes that I did not plan to get before I went to Cali and I SUFFERED for it. I had great conversations in the line, so it was dope. Plus, I did not get the shoes either, which were the UNION x Nike Air Jordan OG 1 HI (GOLD Top 3s)!

After I got out of the line though, the whole day turned around for the BETTER… Look out below at all the people I saw and met and tell me what you think:

Me with Anwar Carrots! (Photo by D3 The Concrete)

Me with Allen Onyia of Upscale Hype! (Photo by D3 The Concrete)

Me with Elijah of Brooklyn Projects (check out the Voltron!!) (Photo by D3 The Concrete)


Here is the end of my first day at COMPLEXCON! Now, that you have read the entire article, here are some pics from the conference, all taken by PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS!

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