g perico amerikkka

G Perico shares his feelings on the judicial system with “Amerikkka.”

South Central, LA’s own G Perico has spent most of 2017 evolving what gangster rap has been. From All Blue to G Worthy, the So Way Out rapper had exhibited plenty of skill around highwire production from Cardo and League of Starz. Those efforts continue on the string and drum-heavy “Amerikkka.”

After spending most of the year traveling from coast to coast, Perico hasn’t seen anything change in regards to the police. The world may not be Simi Valley circa 1992 but Perico still sneers at the police and isn’t down with the current administration. “Made American Great again, do you know what that mean? Kill a n—a or take him in, that’s what it mean to me,” Perico raps on “Amerikkka.” There’s no difference between policing whether it be with Obama in office or 45 in his eyes. The Dupri of League Of Starz produced track fades out from Perico’s rasp into the gripping narration of Malcolm X, whose words six decades ago still ring true when it comes to black people and law enforcement.

Stream G Perico’s “Amerikkka” below.