Houston’s DJ Green Villain pays homage to Cash Money Records’ heyday on his latest Soundcloud mix.

This year, Terry Bembry took it upon himself to do something in Houston to change the culture. The Houston-area music connoisseur kicked off his inaugural “89 MILES” Mixer, a music and art social that allowed Houston creatives to connect and appreciate good music and local artistry. Though 89 MILES was merely the start of Bembry’s plans.

Bembry turned his love for classic music into a passion, adopting the moniker DJ Green Villain and using Instagram stories for his “#SampleSaturdays” series, during which he breaks down songs and the originals they borrow from. When he isn’t spinning records at Houston area venues or functions (like Hustlegrade’s “Submission Sundays” live show, for example), DJ Green Villain continues to tinker and experiment with the music.

There’s no denying the run Cash Money Records had from the late ’90s on through the ’00s. While Cash Money’s contemporary names – like Young Thug, Jacquees, Nicki Minaj and Drake by way of Young Money – allow the label to maintain modern-day relevance, it’s Cash Money’s classic sound that most remember fondly. The bounce-music elements, the Louisiana flavor, the catchy lyrics – not to mention Mannie Fresh’s ability to create distinctive yet head-nodding instrumentals. One can literally lose themselves on a Cash Money playlist on YouTube and not emerge from that wormhole from hours.

DJ Green Villain is aware of Cash Money’s glory days, too. That’s why he took it upon himself to make the “Long Live Cash Money” mix, which marries the greater Cash Money classics (“Project B*tch” and “#1 Stunna,” for example) with lesser-known gems. It’s barely fourteen minutes in length, but that’s all the time DJ Green Villain needs to toss listeners in a time machine and peer-pressure them into turning the volume in theirs whips up full blast. B.G., the Big Tymers, Baby (before he became Birdman), and Lil’ Wayne before the codeine – these and more surface in the “Long Live Cash Money” playlist.

Take a listen to DJ Green Villain’s “Long Live Cash Money” mix for yourself down below and just try to resist clapping or shaking something along to it. The Houston-area DJ can be found on the 1s and 2s on Sundays during KroBar Houston’s weekly Sunday Brunch.