Roll out the red carpet for Dezzy Hollow

There has long been a love affair between the West Coast and the South, when it comes to the arena of hip hop. Maybe it started with 2pac getting the thug life tattoo in North Houston, or when Spice 1 free-styled on a Dj Screw tape but the love has always been shown from both sides.

Well, somethings never change.

Following his West Coast predecessors, California’s own Dezzy Hollow recently visited with a Day and a Dream to talk about his follow up album to his Stay Current and his made-in-Houston video “Royalty”.

      “I lived in a small neighborhood [called] Oceanside CA where I got most of my influence to do music , hearing older homies putting out songs that everyone from our side of the city played was the spark of my interests . At 14, I recorded my first song in the bedroom of someones house and from there… it was history. Once I hit high school I was selling CDs in my classes and rapping with other kids after school .

          So a little before my first official release of a project called the ”Soul Food Project” in 2015 , I met and started working with a team that had been already designing clothes and shooting videos called MadStrange. We teamed up after doing a couple of video shoots together and basically felt like we could really benefit from working with each other .  MadStrange, being the label, does all of my videos . Sometimes we work together with ideas but our Director Daniel Ximenez usually gives us the whole overlook of what the video will portray . We simply compliment each other with good music and videos to match . “

            In an era, where its harder and harder to tell where a rapper is from Dezzy Hollow is clearly bringing the West back, you can see it through his braids or the delivery that is reminiscent of Dj Quiks Safe and Sound era, or his parody of the movie “Friday” in his DoorStep video-the young artists is definitely loyal to his west coast roots…even titling his next paramount release after his hometown “Oceanside”

Its no wonder they say loyalty brings “Royalty”