boston george

Boston George sticks to the pyrex on “Trap To The Grave” with Boosie Badazz and Dave East.

Boston George has lived a hell of a rap life. He’s already maneuvered through Houston radio with
“Molly” back in 2012 and never switched up. Raspy with a bit of a laugh behind every word, George seemed like the perfect fit for Jeezy’s CTE imprint. Now that the two are joined at the label hip, the Houston rapper is back to pushing more gothic, trunk ready music for dope boys who don’t switch out T-shirts. “Trap To The Grave” features Dave East and Boosie Badazz. Boosie, as hardened as one can be with eyes that have seen it all wants a certain caliber of man to carry him to the grave. East, the Harlem representative, knows his thoughts are predicate and that being 30 and broke is a difficult concept.

Then there’s George. Always seeming more like a henchman who had to step into a new position, George still feels like a rapper speaking for those who slipped and then bounced back. “Heard cats got nine lives / I been shot at more than 9 times,” he raps on “Trap To The Grave.” To him, once you’re in the life, there’s no way out of it. Well, there’s one way. But Boston George and company aren’t doing it. No way, no how.

Watch “Trap To The Grave” below and stream the single as you wish. George’s Blow Talk is coming soon.