De’Wayne Jackson makes his life a folk story for “Coming Back Home.”

A few months ago, maybe even two – De’Wayne Jackson came back home. Long gone as the lanky teenager with sinewy arms and a formidable hitch in his step every time he said something he found profound. In that young boy’s place was a man, nervous at times but smiling with a steely resolve. His May EP, Don’t Be Afraid, was the reason so many people decided to pack out Warehouse Live. Towards the end of the night, as he was shaking hands and posing for photos, he premiered the video for “Coming Back Home.”

For those that stuck around and watched the video, they saw Jackson discuss his thoughts leading up to the video. He was thankful for everyone in the room showing up, from high school friends to new supporters. The video itself is a slice of what his life has been like since leaving Houston and settling in Los Angeles to create music. It pushes further into more folk-like aspects. He sits in the bed of a truck, watching the world go from sunrise to sunset, his thoughts trapped in his head. There’s times where he’s scribbling song lyrics at work and when he’s at a camp fire, talking to friends and like minds.

“Coming Back Home” is representative of what Jackson’s been progressing towards for the last three years. Currently, he’s overseas touring with Jessie J and Chase Atlantic, miles away from Houston but closer and closer to what Don’t Be Afraid was all about. Watch the “Coming Back Home” video up top.