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I wanted to bring attention to a up-and-coming clothing brand: LFESTYL (pronounced “Lifestyle”), which was started by a person who I have been following for a while. His name? Tyler Sorrell.

The way he and I crossed paths, some years ago, was a matter of happenstance: through the people over at Elite Collective / Sports Rapp Live show (RIP). He was working as a videographer on the set and he desired to work. One thing that I have learned about Tyler and people like him is that you can not keep a good man down. Very diligent to the many tasks on his plate (video work, running his company Central Underground, etc.), he has now decided to delve into another industry: fashion design & sales.

So when I saw that the brand that he had been promoting for the better part of a year was finally available to the public, I could not do anything but reach out to him and post about it! Check out the rest of the lookbook below and if you want to support, you can purchase these items on the following site: LFESTYL Clothing