outfit tx told that bih

The Outfit TX pay homage to fine cinema, video games and Dallas for “Told That Bih.”

In the annals of history, getting pulled up on by your lady ranks somewhere between getting caught in a lie and lying on a financial aid application. In other words, there are consequences for it. For The Outfit TX, it is a moment to show off a very teachable lesson. Don’t do any woman dirty, especially if that woman and her homegirls are ninjas.

Inspired by Grand Theft Auto and even a little 3 Ninjas, the Dallas trio present “Told That Bih,” a journey through the streets of Dallas as Jay Hawk runs from his lady and her vindictive friends. Running solely on the adrenaline produced by DJ T Walk, the trio combine humor and slick Texas slang to prove a point. There are also little Dallas specific easter eggs such as Mr. Live and his shag and Fuel City, the hub for all things Dallas let out.

“Don’t do any woman dirty, especially if that woman and her homegirls are ninjas.”

What Fuel City as a tape accomplished in inside of Dallas’ amoeba-like rap scene, there’s a standard to uphold. The standard cannot explicitly tie to the era of crunk music, but Dallas’ full wind in the mid to late 2000s rap wise was built off of chaotic, hypnotizing production and shout-style raps from Tum Tum, Fat Bastard, Big Tuck and more. The smoothness of Mr. Pookie being a Crook For Life is one thing. What The Outfit TX represent is a middle ground of that era and Dallas’ current, faceless present. “Told That Bih” builds and steadies itself around Jay Hawk and Mel’s voices and drawls, relishing itself as the kind of freewheeling Dallas rap record that lived and breathed throughout my college years.

Years ago, Down By The Trinity was The Outfit’s message of thought. After all, their signature video found Mel having sex with a white woman on top of a Confederate flag. It was applauded and beloved, the kind of strong Texas rap record that eats at you for days but never leaves your disc changer. Fuel City was made for all the days you don’t want to burden your mind with the illnesses of the world. A Saturday night fight in Deep Ellum? Fuel City is the soundtrack. Telling your boys about the time you moved through the hole like Tony Dorsett to leave your residence because of some crazy shit?

That’s what “Told That Bih” is for. Watch it below.