Kansas raised but Houston paid, Wichita R&B crooner Flawless Tha Don is making waves with the trailer for his new single Sober featuring Dorian. Glorifying the fast life, partying and embracing the era of good feeling, Sober paints a picture of a good time yet doesn’t overshadow the realities that ensue when accelerating to the top too rapidly.

Flawless Tha DonAfter moving from the Midwest to Texas at an early age, Flawless began to develop some of his most bittersweet memories; enduring the death of loved ones and losing friends to the prison system before he fully understood how these moments would affect him. It was music that gave him solace, and at 13-years-old Flawless Tha Don turned to creating beautiful songs to hide and express his pain.

“When I moved from the slums of Wichita Kansas to the fast pace city of Houston
Texas…I’d never left my block, let alone the state but now my whole life would change,” Flawless said. “I think that’s the last time everyone was alive and happy.”

Sober echoes a sentiment familiar to many millennials maturing in a world where fame and success can result in the highest of heights and the lowest of lows.

“I’ve done and seen a lot, from death to incarceration to the hurricane that hit Houston recently; all pretty much equate to the same stress and difficulty,” he said.

A transparent, upbeat track, Flawless Tha Don gives listeners a glimpse into his reality with Sober and opens a door for more artists to stand in their truth.

Listen to Sober below and check out the trailer for the official visual!


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