big boi in the south video

Big Boi, Pimp C and Gucci Mane take pimpin’ intergalactic for “In The South.”

Earlier this summer, Big Boi reached back into 2007 and 2010 for “In The South,” his collaboration with both Pimp C and Gucci Mane. Funky like the Harold Melvin sampling “Shine Blockas,” less about the matrimony like “International Players Anthem,” the third track from Boomiverse showed off the South in its own way.

Now there’s a full-length video for the track, an animated short where Pimp, Gucci and Big Boi sail the skies in a tricked out Caddy.

“[This video] is not a part of the Hotlanta Waxx series but it comes from that realm,” Big Boi told Yahoo who premiered the video. “Actually, I got the idea from when I was doing the teasers for the songs for Boomiverse. Cory Mo, the producer for the song, has an animation team and he sent me a clip of some of the guys’ work and we got on the phone and just came up with this funkadelic psychedelic video concept for ‘In The South.’

“It was a cool way to have myself, Pimp C, and Gucci Mane all together. I mean with Pimp C (R.I.P.) not being here, it was just a cool fun way to showcase all of us together and imagine what it would look like.”

Watch “In The South” below. Boomiverse is out now.