Milky Wayv songbird Peyton brings listeners back to the ’80s on her new single, “Be You.”

Much of the appeal of Peyton, comes from the innocence in her voice. Even when the Milky Wayv singer delves into lyrics of a more sensual nature – as she did many times on her ‘Peace in the Midst of a Storm’ LP – there’s still something timeless and pure about her vocals. Even more, Peyton’s vocals aren’t manufactured or tailored to sound like anyone else’s. They’re hers and hers alone, and they work like a charm.

The latest evidence that Peyton’s voice is one of a kind? Her new single, “Be You,” which she released last week. Chase of Nazareth handles production, layering warbling synths, a frantic snare, and old-school sounding keys on the track. It almost sounds like something ripped from ’80s R&B.

The song’s message is as straightforward as its title implies. And who better to deliver a message about remaining true to oneself, than a singer who’s distinctive enough in her own right? It’s easy to get lost in Chase’s hypnotic beat and Peyton’s mesmerizing vocals, but don’t miss the lesson beneath “Be You.” “Superstar” Pey gives listeners the most Major Key on the song’s hook alone: “Show your colors – they’re so beautiful! – and just be you.”

Stream Peyton’s “Be You” single for yourself down below.