Six years after Live For, Die For, Overdoz finally releases their debut album.

OverDoz, the four-man weave of Kent, Cream, P and Joon have a special place in the hearts of a generation of music fans who discovered new music via blogs. Overdoz last dropped a big single with “Lauren London” in 2012 and their Boom mixtape in 2013. Then they all but disappeared, leaving fans and longtime supporters wondering if they would succumb to the same sort of label politics many blog favorites got hit with over the years.

Then 2008, their proper debut album was announced. News began trickling down that Pharrell had worked with the Los Angeles hippies on the project. Same for THC and Miguel and Organized Noize. Hit-Boy, Terrace Martin and more would add their say to the project and now, it’s here. It’s no longer a myth, it’s a full-fledged electric album from the foursome including the singles “District,” “Backstage,” “Last Kiss” with Skateboard P and more. The slow burn towards 2008 started with “Rich White Friends” and “F**k Yo DJ.” Now we have a full moment to enjoy.