Aspirations of grandeur, fame, and glory scream through every bar of 3rd Eyes new track, “Flexing & Finessing.” With a high energy visual directed by NiqosStudios, 3rd Eyes echoes a similar sentiment of most millennial rappers as they pursue success through looming impatience, creative spasms and the inability to make time last forever.

3rd Eyes

Houston rapper 3rd Eyes started making music at 13 years old. Inspired by Texas Hip Hop acts that came before him, The young artist developed his own style and flow; one unique to himself. A son of New Houston, 3rd Eyes’ passion and desire to reach the highest heights in Hip Hop bleeds through his high strung lyricism, piercing the ears and hearts of all who listen.

With a crazy chopped and slopped remix by DJ Hollygrove & The Chopstars, “Flexing & Finessing” is a rap anthem that listeners both young and old can take something away from. What’s more, it’s a reminder for all hustlers and go-getters to stay the course until they’ve reached greatness.

Listen to the Chopped Not Slopped remix of 3rd Eyes’ “Flexing & Finessing,” amongst many other tracks, on his Walking Contradiction album, which you can hear in full down below.