Michael Mayjor

New Orleans spitter Michael Mayjor drops off his anthemic new cut, “Love to Hate,” chopped not slopped by Houston’s own DJ Hollygrove.

Rapper Michael Mayjor drips a little sauce onto the cool Autumn nights with his newest single, “Love to Hate.” A mantra for grinders and hustlers everywhere, “Love to Hate” examines the thought process of a hater and the love they inevitably give while gawking from afar.

The founder of Villain Empire hailing from New Orleans, Michael Mayjor discovered his love for hip-hop and rap late in life. He draws most of his inspiration from his life experiences and surroundings. “Love to Hate” fits perfectly with the rapper’s story and emphasizes why he MUST succeed in the industry.

Produced by TBlackTheHitMaker, “Love to Hate” was chopped not slopped by DJ Hollygrove of The Chopstars.  “Love to Hate” makes listeners feel good and at ease while reflecting on both their team and the snakes in the grass.