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First of all, I want to thank everyone for reading my blogs here. Day & A Dream, has been a great way for me to talk about the stuff that I like, WITH NO LIMITS!

Like this post, it’s all about my love for the color BLUE and 5 pairs of kicks that are coming out that you should be informed about, starting with these:

Nike Air Max 1 OG “Royal”                                                                                                      

This shoe, the Air Max 1, is the first of all the produced Air Max kicks. I say produced, because the recently produced Nike Air Max Zero, was conceptualized before the Air Max 1 was released. These shoes are scheduled to release October 27th, on the NIKE SNKRS app, so if you do not have it, then you will need to download that app to purchase them. $140 will be their retail price.


Supreme x Air Humara 2017                                                                                                       

The next shoe is the Supreme x Air Humara 2017. You cannot go wrong with anything from the NIKE ACG line. You can properly stunt in these shoes, OR you can just take a hike up Hippie Hill in Hermann Park (HOUSTON Stand Up!). Anyway, this shoes is being released on tomorrow, October 26th. I hope that if this is something you are ACTIVELY seeking, that you are able to get it, because, quite frankly, until the bot situation is solved with all online buying EVERYWHERE (not just Supreme), then getting things will be just a dream deferred. Make sure to have $170 for the cost of these, plus $10 for shipping.

   NIKE Air Max 97 OG “Royal”                                                                                           

Hands down, 2017 has been the year of the AM 97. From the “Silver Bullet” & “Metallic Gold” colorways, released a few months ago, to the plethora of other pairs that have been released since, NIKE has shown you that this shoe, once slept on, is now the proverbial “Belle of The Ball”. I love that the colorway is the EXACT same as the AM 1. It shows NIKE’s attention to detail, when it comes to the presentation of their product on the market. While I don’t know the date or price of the release, we do know for certain that it will be a hot one!


FRONTEER Super Gratton Lo 2.0                                                                                          

A brand new (or should I say new brand) favorite of mine is FRONTEER. If you read my article (here), where I talked to the founder and Creative Director of the brand, then you will know my love for this line! Now, they have released their latest shoe, the Super Gratton Lo 2.0, an evolved form of the Gratton Lo. Both shoes are currently on the website, but like Jon said in our interview, they are super-limited and once they are gone, the shoes are GONE! $140 is the price.

Fear Of God Basketball Sneakers                                                                                                                  

Last, but most certainly not least, the founder and designer of Fear of God, Jerry Lorenzo, gives the people a sneak peek of his new sneaker. Reminiscent of a baseball team that shall remain nameless, due to the current World Series (Go ‘stros!), nonetheless, the shoes are STILL clean! From the sharktooth sole, to the white detail, a la Converse Weapon, these shoes will make any person’s outfit look more stunning. As this picture just released today, we don’t have much information; however, I am sure as time passes, we will get that information down the pipe line.