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I am ALWAYS excited when two powerhouses, like Supreme and NIKE, come together and do a collaboration. It’s a pleasure to see when two brands, who are at the top of their respective games, creatively and monetarily, collaborate because you know that there is not a real limit on the outcome of their joint venture.

Case in point: The upcoming Supreme x NIKE ACG / Humara 2017 quickstrike release, due to premiere in the States on October 26th (Japan’s release will happen on October 28th). If you are like me, you loved the Mowabb, you loved the Air Moc, you even loved the Air Escape (which I STILL feel like many people slept on, but that’s a whole other story. While I am not a fan of this particular silhouette, I am a fan of the colors that were chosen.

Secondly, take a look at the clothes that are in this capsule:


No lie, I totally had an idea to do a jacket like this: windbreaker style, with a zipper in the small of the back to store things. Now, you may be thinking that I would not be a fan of that, but I am actually GLAD because I can see that it is a possibility and it was well executed by a top-notch brand. The pants are cool as well, complete with a mesh side pocket and nylon belt.

The hats are my favorite piece of the capsule. So sleek, so clean, so breathable. From the picture above, it looks like a strap-back with a buckle and, hopefully, not a Velcro strap.

My favorite thing about this entire collaboration is its affordability. $45 FOR THE CAP? $220 FOR THE OUTFIT?! $170 FOR THE SHOE?!!? If you can get your hands on ANY of these pieces, I would highly suggest so, because not only will it completely sell out, it will be re-sold for 2 -3 times more. / October 26th for State-side release. October 28th for Japanese release / Cap – $45 // Pants – $90 // Jacket – $130 // Shoes – $170