Noah Nova brings the tough love on his “I Know” single, co-produced by George Young and Tony Dark.

“It’s hard out here – sh*t, I get that!/ Just don’t lose yourself tryna find a way back…”

Is Noah Nova is a rapper or a motivational speaker? The Mo. City emcee has occasions when his bars speak for themselves, like on his All Houston-remix of GoldLink’s “Crew” cut. But he also has moments, like on his breakout single “Get Right,” where he’s trying to push others and himself to do better. Perhaps an emcee can both spit AND spread truth, though.

“I Know,” Noah Nova’s latest single, is his attempt to be a rapper than can do both. The track bears joint production from George Young and Tony Dark; the two boardmen marrying a keyboard, snares, and kickdrums to create a country-meets-gospel instrumental. The “country” part especially hits in the song’s outro, when “I Know” plays out with heavy percussion and guitar strums.

That slow-down at the end is necessary because Noah Nova spends every second prior to that having a jarring, honest conversation with listeners. Nova said “I Know” was inspired by “real-life situations” and it’s easy to hear why. Women who shouldn’t let bad men throw off their focus? Noah has a bar for them. Folks who complain about feeling passed over but don’t want to make moves for themselves? Noah has a bar for them, too. “Stop tryna force it – you know you ain’t feeling it!” Nova barks on the track. If you take anything the rapper’s saying personal, it’s because you’re supposed to. Noah Nova just wants you to know that life’s too short to BS through it.

Hear Noah Nova’s “I Know” single for yourself down below.