With a new LP coming in November, Rikki Blu shares a previously unreleased cut, “Float.”

New Rikki Blu is coming sooner than you think.

The Pleasant Grove-hailing emcee and INFNTRY INTL ambassador has an album, ‘You Can’t Make Me,’ due out next month. It’s a fitting way to end a year in which Bluwop not only rebuilt himself musically, but also became a dad, as well. But November is still a week and some change away.

So the Dallas spitter took to Soundcloud to make a vow: “I got a lot of music just sittin in the vault, so why not? All new music until the album.” On Friday, Rikki Blu shared “Float,” a track that likely won’t appear on his LP but which he set free for his fans nonetheless.

Producer Sun God Beats out of the U.K. is on the boards for “Float,” layering the track with soulful guitars and snares that rock back and forth like a metronome. That leaves room for Rikki to spit with a purpose for two minutes. “What is life without lessons, reasons for reaching in?” Bluwop ponders on “Float.” There’s many more musings like this on the track, as well, right down to Blu’s plea on the hook: “Please don’t let my soul, fly away.”

Hear Rikki Blu’s “Float” track for yourself down below.