Sampha and Syd link up on a tender-hearted new duet, “Show Love.”

“If I die before I wake, I know what my purpose was…”

What do you get when you combine the powers of two artists whose solo projects can be counted amongst the finest of 2017? You get something like “Show Love.”

Sampha and Syd (of the Internet)’s ‘Process‘ and ‘Fin’ albums, respectively, restored some of the purity to R&B. Sampha, armed with his trusty piano, let his heart bleed out on the tracks. In the same way, Syd spilled her emotions throughout her debut LP’s lowkey beats, with a few stops here and there into seduction.

XL Recordings understood that the time had long past for the two artists to link up and work together. The indie label’s “Everything’s Recorded” series is one of the hidden gems on YouTube. And while Sampha is an alumnus of “Everything’s Recorded,” The Internet band’s frontwoman had never been selected to be a part of it – until Thursday night. On Thursday, “Show Love” was premiered on YouTube, a new duet featuring both Sampha and Syd doing what they do best. The track was unveiled with a clever set of visuals that display the song’s lyrics throughout an empty studio.

“Show Love” reminds listeners to keep love at the forefront in spite of everything. Sampha kicks things off, half-venting on his lover’s changed attitude and how he won’t give up on their love. Syd’s verse might resonate with workaholics who don’t make time for much (“I been out here movin’ mountains/ turnin’ pennies into dimes,” she sings), but Sampha picks up where she leaves off to help her refocus. Syd also holds down hook duty, hiding the wisest of lines in the simplest chorus. But at the end of the day, “Show Love” is about putting selfishness aside, and being giving of yourself for as long as you can. Sampha says it best: “I’ve got to veto my ego – I’ll go where she go.”

Hear Sampha & Syd’s “Show Love” duet for yourself up top. XL Recordings hasn’t dropped a release date for their ‘Everything’s Recorded’ project, but with any luck, an MP3 of “Show Love” will show up sooner than later.