le$ 45 south video

Le$ and Mr. Rogers see everything in purple in “45 South,” the latest video from Midnight Club.

Spend a few days with Le$ and Jorgey Casanova, and you get why they’re damn near inseparable. The two of them work in near simpatico. Le$ crafts the raps, these tied together narratives of the simple life. Jorgey can turn into Kubrick and keep his brain focused on sizzling photos and A-to-Z style storytelling.

The visual for “45 South,” off Le$’s Midnight Club album, puts Le$ in a drop top and whisks him around. Everything on Jorgey’s end feels fuzzy and vibrant. “45 South” features scratchy VHS filters and punctuated glances of Le$ looking relaxed and high as hell. DJ Mr. Rogers, the man who synced together Big Boi’s laid back mentions of Sade playing while grooving in slow motion from “West Savannah,” and Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” is caught up in his haze of purple. You barely see him but he’s present, just as he is throughout Midnight Club. Together, they’re the Holy Trinity of Houston rap aesthetics.

“That’s hard work, I put it in …, and it’s paying off,” Le$ raps on “45 South.” Hard work for all three has yielded all of the benefits. Le$ wants to make music for regular men and women. Jorgey wants to show off Houston how he views Houston. Rogers wants Houston to sound like everywhere and yet Houston specific at the same time. It’s a beautiful thing.

Watch the “45 South” video below.