doeman barrio god

Doeman pays homage to an early ’90s classic via his “Barrio God” video.

In 1990, the long-running Dick Tracy comic was brought to life as a feature film. Warren Beatty took on the titular character, and the cast was rounded out with heavy-hitters such as Madonna, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman and James Caan. It made over $160 million during its theatrical run and remains a good-to-great movie in regards to color and filmography.

Naturally, a ’90s baby such as Doeman would latch onto the color schemes and big detail displayed during the famed shootout scene in Dick Tracy. Instead of looking ahead to his upcoming From My Soul To Yours, Dodi is venturing backward to his Barrio God EP released last December. “Barrio God” as a single is a one-punch knockout effect from the Southeast Houston rapper. There are no frills, clever punchlines and the feeling that something bigger is brimming on the horizon. The video itself is a slick cut itself with most of the colors popping in different hues of blue, green and red.

Watch Doeman’s “Barrio God” video down below and hear the BGV1 for yourself here.