Big KRIT shares his latest 4eva is a Mighty Long Time leak, “Aux Cord.”

This time next week, Big KRIT will drop arguably the most ambitious project of his career, a double album entitled ‘4eva is a Mighty Long Time.’ It’s the self-anointed King Remembered in Time’s first LP since his exit from Def Jam Records, and his first project since 2015s ‘It’s Better This Way‘ mixtape.

The good news is, ‘Mighty Long’ has a number of things going for it already. The LP’s first two singles, “Confetti” and “Keep The Devil Off,” were well-received by both long-time KRIT loyalists and new fans alike. KRIT hopes to keep that momentum going with his latest single, “Aux Cord.” The track touched down on all streaming services Thursday night.

DJ Khalil is on the boards for “Aux Cord,” providing a percussion-heavy, kick drum-driven instrumental. It’s the perfect beat for KRIT to display some impressive storytelling over, while making clever music-related references throughout (KRIT even name-drops Johnny Taylor in his second verse). But the highlight of “Aux Cord” may be the surprise uncredited female vocalist, who pops up at the song’s 2-minute mark to calm the intensity down for the remainder of the track. Whether singer or sample, it’s a smooth contrast to KRIT’s gritty bars, and a pretty amazing way to close the song out.

Stream Big KRIT’s “Aux Cord” single by way of Spotify below. KRIT’s ‘4Eva is a Mighty Long Time’ double LP arrives next Friday, October 27th.