DJ Candlestick of Houston’s The Chopstars outfit chops up – but doesn’t slop up – Gucci Mane’s ‘Mr. Davis’ LP.

It hasn’t even been out for a full week yet; and in spite of that, ‘Mr. Davis,’ Gucci Mane’s second solo project of 2017, is already commanding plenty of fans. The album seems to marry the gritty, streetwise Gucci of old with a mature, O.G.-radric Radric Davis who has plenty of free game to give.

DJ Candlestick understood that Gucci Mane’s ‘Mr. Davis’ was already solid on its own. But being from Houston, the Chopstars DJ knows that a good thing can only sound better when it’s slowed down. That’s why, on Tuesday night, DJ Candlestick unveiled The Chopstars’ own “Chopped Not Slopped” take on ‘Mr. Davis.’

Turning ‘Mr. Davis’ purple is no easy feat, but DJ Candlestick makes the album sound like it was MADE to be chopped not slopped. He arranges the order of some of the album’s tracks so that their slowed-down versions blend better. The solid Ty Dolla $ign-assisted “Enormous” (on which Candlestick hilariously crows “That’s what she said!” when the hook drops), for example, closes with the opening notes of “I Get the Bag” so the songs follow each other perfectly. (And a Chopped Not Slopped “I Get the Bag” all but demands a Milly Rock from the most focused listener)

Candlestick moves the anthemic “We Ride” track with Monica to the album’s end, allowing for a purpled-up hood gospel to follow his ride-out worthy take on “Miss My Woe.” But the DJ also does an amazing job of playing up ‘Mr. Davis’s’ pre-existing strengths, as well. The original versions of “Back On” and “Money Piling” were already destined to end up in someone’s shake joint before Halloween hit, for example. But Candlestick’s Chopped Not Slopped “Back On” alone? Might become many a stripper’s new favorite in Dreams and Onyx.

Stream DJ Candlestick x Gucci Mane’s ‘Mr. Davis Chopped Not Slopped’ for yourself below and download it for the free via LiveMixtapes. A styrofoam cup is not included, but highly encouraged.