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So, I feel that you #DayAndADream readers out there should know a little bit more about me. I grew up reading, what my grandma liked to call, “The Funny Papers” every Sunday afternoon. It was my weekly ritual, performed after coming home from church, no matter what time. The same feeling that people get when they watch Sunday football, is the same feeling that I got, as a kid reading the Houston Chronicle Sunday Edition comic strips. Joy, excitement, wonderment! I would read them from cover to cover: Calvin & Hobbes (RIP), The Amazing Spider-Man, Family Circus, CURTIS, etc. My favorite one of all-time: PEANUTS! My favorite characters from the Peanuts gang? Charlie Brown and of course, his faithful and loyal hound, Snoopy (specifically, Snoopy alter-ego, Joe Cool).

So, when I SAW THIS collab between streetwear giant KAWS and essentials extraordinaire UNIQLO, I had to write about it.


My favorite wearable piece from this collection is the black hoodie with Joe Cool, leaning nonchalantly, on his dog house. The only other mark that lets you know it is a KAWS collab is the signature “X’s” on the eyes of the character. You know you have made it, as an artist/designer/whatever, when you have developed a simple, yet bold signature style/mark/etc.

My favorite accessory from this collection is this adorable plush doll in a monochromatic black colorway. I think that this toy, given to the right child, will not only begin them on the path to being a PEANUTS fan for life, but they will also be the freshest kid on the playground, with this KAWS collab as well. Toys are meant to be played with and if there is ever one you want to have, it has got to be this one.

Now, for the no-so-favorite pieces: these hoodies above. My question and only complaint: Why is the Snoopy character so small?

This crew neck sweater, I didn’t really like either, for two reasons: the off white (bone? ivory?) color and the fact that Snoopy’s eyes are too small. That may be me being knit-picky, but hey, I like what I like.


In conclusion, what I like most about this entire collection, which will be out November 24th (the day after Thanksgiving), are the PRICES! The sweaters are all $30! The plush doll? $45 (there is even a mini-Snoopy doll for $22)!

So, do yourself a favor and grab something from this collection at all UNIQLO retailers, because this stuff is going to go fast!

P.S. – From me to you, a gift: here is a link to A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving to get you in the mood to celebrate this collab!