Dreezy comes back with a bang on a new single, “Spar,” featuring 6LACK and Kodak Black.

A number of artists had a good 2016 that could’ve been a little bit better. Dreezy immediately comes to mind to be included in that number. The Chi-town emcee rode the wave of her breakout single “Body” into an amazing (if underappreciated) debut LP, ‘No Hard Feelings.‘ In the time since ‘NHF’s’ release, however, Dreezy has flown under the radar. It certainly doesn’t help she’s been seemingly overlooked by many. Even BET snuffed an opportunity to give Dreezy some credit: she wasn’t nominated for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at either the BET or Hip-Hop Awards.

Maybe that just adds to Dreezy’s underdog mystique. But Dreezy is done being underrated.

After promising her Twitter followers on Sunday night that new music was on the way, Dreezy returned on Monday with a brand new single, “Spar.”

Premiered by Carl Chery on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio Show, “Spar” has Dreezy blacking out. Not just in the sense that she’s rapping with a purpose – but also because she’s grabbed two artists with “Black” in their names, in 6LACK and Kodak Black. It may be the most conscious song either of the three artists have put out, their messages embedded within a smooth, snare-led beat.

6LACK kicks things off, insisting that every move he makes is with his seed in mind (“I got a daughter to raise/ one day, she gon be a queen”). And Kodak Black closes “Spar,” summoning the spirit of Kunta Kinte and referencing the damage left behind by Hurricane Harvey.

That leaves Dreezy to hold down the middle, her singing flow ensuring that every bar hits with precision.  Though she bitterly spits “I took my feelings out this sh*t and put my trust in my funds” in her opening lines, her feelings actually DO shape her entire verse. She rips apart the concept of America being the “land of the free.” She calls out those who may judge her by her hometown and the hypocrisy in this country’s culture (“they take our culture – our blueprint!” the emcee points out). Listen closely and you might even hear Dreezy take brief but direct aim at a certain tangerine terrorist residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Stream Dreezy’s “Spar” single, featuring 6LACK and Kodak Black, for yourself down below, by way of Apple Music.