aaron alexander memento mori

Aaron Alexander, the small town boy from Kansas City finally reveals Memento Mori.

Aaron Alexander represents Kansas City, Missouri in a way that makes him feel like a child of everywhere, USA. “Sometimes” spoke to dreaming beyond the four walls that exist around you. “Faces” showed him that worrying about everyone he’s already better than would be a fool’s errand. Now on Memento Mori, the idea and concept of living in the moment flesh out even more.

Consisting of 13-tracks, Memento Mori is a mostly solo affair from Alexander. His passions, anxieties, dreams and more all play out through the course of the project. There are a few hitches here and there, reliances on certain tropes but Alexander is opening up his world to us. There are scars that he carries with him and through the sounds of Tonye Adesida for cuts like “Faces,” and “Ride,” he’ll see over the scabs and smirk at every new obstacle.

Stream Memnto Mori from Aaron Alexander below via Soundcloud. Click here to hear Memento Mori on iTunes / Spotify / Google Play or the streaming service of your choice.