dvsn p-o-v

OVO Sound duo DVSN’s long-awaited sophomore LP, Morning After, has finally arrived.

A year ago, DVSN became a household name. Initially just a mysterious Soundcloud figure identifiable only by its “division” symbol, DVSN garnered so much of a following that Drake couldn’t resist signing them to his OVO Sound imprint.

The spring of 2016 brought with it ‘SEPT. 5TH,‘ DVSN’s major-label debut album that was chock full of “pull up and lay up” cuts. In the time since, the duo of vocalist Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85 have quietly worked to put together their debut’s follow-up. Friday the 13th may be synonymous with a certain masked killer, but this year, the day might be responsible for a different kind of body count.

That’s because DVSN chose this Friday the 13th to release their sophomore album, ‘Morning After.’ The LP officially released across major streaming sites on Thursday night.

Slightly longer than its predecessor at thirteen tracks deep, ‘Morning After’ is propelled forward by previous singles “Don’t Choose,” “Mood,” and the Maxwell-sampling “P.O.V.” But listeners will find that DVSN may have been holding back with their singles. “Nuh Time/Tek Time” is an excellent mood setter of two tracks in one, the former more radio-friendly and “Tek Time” much more slow-burning. “You Do” is a smooth, seductive ride. In a departure from the duo’s usual style, “Can’t Wait” has DVSN going for a dance-club hit… and succeeding greatly. And “Body Smile”? Absolutely add that to your Cuffing Season playlist.

Time will tell whether DVSN’s second album produces a bunch of summer babies or, at least, more than a few fall friends with benefits. For now, you can stream DVSN’s ‘Morning After’ album for yourself down below by way of Apple Music; and grab the album now on iTunes.