buffalo black american colors

Buffalo Black’s newest video, “American Colors” highlights the imperfect nature of America and its education system.

Dallas has pieces of education that was left behind. In South Dallas, Pearl C. Anderson Middle School found itself on the cutting block as a measure of cost-saving to the school district. Pearl C. Anderson stood for more than half a century before closing its doors in 2014. Somehow, Dallas’ own Buffalo Black found a way back inside of its doors to tell a story. Not just about the up and downs of the DISD but America proper.

“American Colors,” the Nick Melita of Cinderblock Studio directed video chooses to make Black and the public school system at large its main protagonists. Black’s lyrics rip left and right about how choices affect us all, especially the wrong ones. Politicians lie to get elected, bullets are seen as the higher educator compared to books and teachers. It’s a lot for Black to take in and he exalts all of the country’s ills. Throughout the video, Black wraps his neck around the American flag and carries it around. It’s a fair juxtaposition, of how those victimized under the idea of “freedom” by the flag are then asked to uphold and protect it.

“The song is about collectivism and embracing all the shades America has to offer,” Buffalo Black told the Dallas Observer. “It touches that, but with a broader sense of education being the great bond that has failed to tie us all together. Education is so crucial, and we take it for granted.”

Although it was released last year, Black is re-releasing “American Colors” for his upcoming Be Like Water project due out later this year. Watch the poignant video directed by Melita below.