rob gullatte up in the galaxy

On his latest single, Rob Gullatte is out to touch satellites and the galaxy.

Houston has its geographical areas chopped up into different portmanteaus, climates, cultures, and identities. The Northside seems slower and more rugged, the Southeast and Southwest feel that they have more bite but feel “player” in a way. Even the areas within these regions take on different hubris and ideals. Mo City feels disrespected despite being a perceived land of affluence. Third Ward will proudly proclaim it’s produced the most significant bevy of talent. Acres Homes imports all of the structure of Alpha Male thinking and street bravado. Then there’s Alief, the giant mixture of all three of these tent poles. This is where Rob Gullatte represents, even if he may no longer set his feet there every day.

Gullatte has been a rapper of keen significance in Houston for the last decade. He’s battle rapped with some of your favorites. He’s created songs central to the mythology of victory and defeat. In a number of ways, Rob Gullatte should be your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. He also carries a daily reminder of why rapping, even if it brings him much joy, can piss him off to no end.

Up In The Galaxy” is less of a song as it is a rumbling, stark reminder of Gullatte fixating his brain on the future. He raps with zero remorse, “Used to sell dope for a Nautica / And a Hilfiger and Polo shirt.” Why would he? He spends most of his latest video stuck in an empty, colorful downtown Houston. There are no sirens and screeches from the MetroRail, just him in a green army jacket. “You ain’t my fam, you a cousin Pete / Only f*ck with me because we eat,” he shoots out. Starving isn’t an option, not anymore. Now and forever, you’re going to have to see Rob Gullatte. It could be near the Beltway or somewhere further out. But he’ll be around.