kali uchis austin

Kali Uchis made Austin feel like home on Thursday night.

Colombian visual artist/songwriter/singer/goddess, Kali Uchis, was welcomed back to Austin for a second time last night, as a part of her tour for her most recent EP, Fool’s Paradise. Giving Austin two shows due to popular demand, she managed to sell out both nights, her earlier show being October 3rd, and last night’s show, on October 5th. Her show in Dallas, TX that took place in between these two shows was also sold out, and she will play tonight in Houston for yet another sold out crowd. From the looks of it, Kali Uchis’ first North American/European tour is off to a beautiful beginning. Even overseas, shows were declared sold out.

It’s deserving, though. In an interview with Fader, Kali Uchis talked about her life growing up. She recalled a period where she lived with everything she owned in her car, sleeping in a parking lot most nights. She would skip school to create short films. She sold clothes to make ends meet. She just wanted to make it on her own and every struggle she experienced, she worked hard to get through it. She’s a natural born visual artist, songwriter, producer, and creative all around. These are things that helped her persevere growing up, and into the artist she is today.

Selling out Austin’s Come and Take It Live, the venue was packed with a surprisingly younger crowd. Girls and guys would start to scream every time the house music faded out, thinking that Kali was finally about to come on. The show had to start a little later than planned so that they could get the sold-out crowd inside before the supporting act, Phony Ppl of Brooklyn, NY, took the stage.

Once Kali came on stage though, the whole bunch began dancing to all of their favorites, including popular single featuring Jorja Smith, Tyrant. Everyone loved her. Screaming, taking photos and videos, reaching out to her in the front, etc. She went on to perform Loaner later in the performance, and the whole crowd appeared to sway in unison to the beat slowly. She also gave us her rendition of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” which she sang so beautifully live.

Check out scenes below from Kali’s heavenly performance below.