dvsn p-o-v

DVSN cues up more bedroom playlist music for your soul with “P.O.V.” from Morning After

DVSN, the OVO duo comprised of Daniel Daley and Nineteen85,  is gearing up to release their follow-up to Sept 5th in Morning After on October 13th. Following last month’s “Mood” and “Don’t Choose,” the latest single from Morning After is “P.O.V.,” over which Daley sings about changing positions, his love for tiger stripes on a woman, and more.

Lifting the strong bass line and groove from Maxwell’s “Fortunate,” Daley’s voice cascades over the track. “Things that I’d do for you,” he sings, “hoping you’d do to me, the same things I’d do to you.” Stream “P.O.V.” from Daley and Nineteen85 below. Morning After from DVSN arrives next Friday but can be pre-ordered now on iTunes.