On a surprise new single, Kehlani says she prefers the girls who are sweet as “Honey.”

“Sometimes what we need is love…”

Hard to believe, but Kehlani really hasn’t dropped much new music in 2017. Mind you, the lovely California singer did drop her debut album, SweetSexySavage, at the top of the year; and she’s logged a number of solid features (she shined on Khalid’s “Location (Remix)” alongside Lil’ Wayne). But the solo cuts were all but AWOL.

That changed on Tuesday night, when Kehlani revealed a new single, “Honey,” on her Soundcloud. Co-written by singer-songwriter Jean Deaux, “Honey” rides along on the strength of soulful strums from an acoustic guitar. Outside of that, no other instrumentation is needed besides the melody of Kehlani’s voice.

On the track, Kehlani describes a girl who’s caught her eye, and how substance as opposed to flash is what really makes her want to stay. She doesn’t need the celebrity company or the fanfare – “I go out to the bar, f*ck hanging with the stars,” the songbird insists, so long as the girl in question is in the same space with her. “Beautiful wreck, a colorful mess” that Kehlani may describe herself to be, “Honey” is smooth from start to finish, right down to Kehlani’s “do doo do do doo’s” to close out the track’s final seconds.

Whether or not “Honey” will land on a future Kehlani project, remains to be seen. For now, you can take a listen to the track for yourself below.