Mike Checc returns with “The Experiment,” produced by Milldizzy.

Everybody handles personal tragedy differently. Take, for example, Mike Checc. The Houston emcee and 7TEEN5 Ambassador had all the momentum heading into fall 2017 and was putting the finishing touches on his ‘#7TEEN5’ EP. Then something came out of nowhere that threw off his entire plans and personal life.

If Mike Checc had retreated and stepped away from the music for the rest of the year to deal with what happened, no one would’ve blamed him. Instead, he took a breather for two months and appears to be back with a newfound purpose.

The ‘7TEEN5’ EP has been scrapped. “Instead, I have a full mixtape, ‘The Checc In,’ on the way,” the rapper told Day & A Dream via email. On Monday, Mike Checc shared what may be the first taste of the ‘The Checc In,’ with a new single entitled “The Experiment.”

With Milldizzy – the boardman behind Checc’s breakout single “Blame” – on production, “The Experiment” is a test case for the rapper’s creatively. Before Milldizzy’s thumping instrumental and tinkling synths take over, the song sets up like Mike Checc is showing up for a doctor’s appointment. Then the rapper declares “I got what it takes!” and launches into a measured flow that, save a few catches of breath, never lets up for two minutes. Yes, Mike Checc’s eyes may be “closed as he walks through the darkness,” but he sees everything. He detects the fake airs of the people around him. He’s prepared for war and will break the firepower out if it’s needed. And gritty flow aside, Mike carries with him the lesson that tragedy reminded him of: “Family first, for better or worse.”

Stream Mike Checc’s “The Experiment” single for yourself down below. A music video for “The Experiment” is on the way soon.