Houston singer Damaria’s ‘Love Overdxse’ EP tackles the best and worst parts of giving your heart to someone else.

At its best, love can make you the best person. At its worst, love can leave you feeling depressed, angry, or like it wasn’t worth it at all. And Houston singer Damaria knows a thing or three about love.

“I went through a lot being Overdosed in love,” Damaria told to Day & A Dream. “Love tends to make us think and act emotionally instead of logically a lot of the time, letting pride get in the way.” She decided to use all of her experiences, the good along with the bad, as inspiration to write and address her feelings in a productive way.

The result is ‘Love Overdxse,’ the lovely Houston songbird’s debut EP, which finally released to the masses last Friday via Soundcloud. The project bears production from Ke Yano$, Soulful 808s, and StevieBBeatz; and has only one feature, Jamie Hancock.

Clocking in at five tracks deep – technically, six, if you count the two-in-one last song “Thinkin x How I Feel” – ‘Love Overdxse’ allows Damaria to sing about love and the moods it can put us in. Intro cut “Ride” is already smooth on its own, but then the beat changes up at the 4:05 mark and Damaria’s vocals melt over the slowed-down instrumental. From there, it’s right into the hypnotic loop and cautionary tale of lead single “Never Find Another.”

Damaria appears to literally save the best for last. The “Friday Night” interlude cut falls in the middle of ‘Love Overdxse,’ sort of splitting the project into two parts. Indeed, Damaria seems much more vulnerable on the EP’s latter two tracks, possibly because she’s more comfortable sharing more of her towards the end. “Thinkin'” is solid on its own, that listeners might wonder why the singer bothered to attach “How I Feel” to it. And yet, “How I Feel” allows the EP to end on an upbeat note, allowing Damaria’s voice to flourish over the throwback-sounding instrumental.

On the standout song “Damn Pride,” Damaria sings on the pre-hook, “I don’t want you to waste my time… You gotta show me.” That sums up what love is like for millennials: when you’ve been hurt so many times before, you’ll question someone who claims to love you, pushing them to back up their words with actions and prove they’re really down. ‘Love Overdxse’ will revive memories and, perhaps, old wounds in many a listeners’ mind.

However, “Love Overdxse’ is also the story of someone who “overdosed” on love and lived to tell about it. It’s a survivor’s project as much as it is a summation of what love can do to you, all housed within some damn good R&B.

Stream Damaria’s ‘Love Overdxse’ EP in full for yourself down below.