Houston’s homegrown talent and vendors came out to share love for World Heart Day at the Love Yoself showcase.

Raveen Alexis (right), the event's organizer, and a friend.  (Photo: Troy Ezeq)

Raveen Alexis (right), the event’s organizer, and a friend. (Photo: Troy Ezeq)

The Good Book says “A merry heart does good like a medicine,” and the Love Yoself showcase at Avant Garden most definitely cured some people in an otherwise depressing time.

It seems as if the world has been in a frenzy lately, and, as LeeLonn alluded in one of his recently released songs, “Earth,” it’s in the hands of the creatives of the world to bring people’s spirits back up. Even T**** said Houston was a great example of unity to the rest of the country, and after a bunch of personal mini-apocalypses, it was our turn to turn people’s hearts back in the upright position for takeoff.

Enter Raveen Alexis and the crew from Friday night’s showcase.

The Aspiring Me emceed the night. (Photo: Troy Ezeq)

The Aspiring Me emceed the night. (Photo: Troy Ezeq)

As TAME (The Aspiring Me), the night’s emcee (“$30 bottles of champagne, y’all!”), described it, World Heart Day is about heart health awareness, but the event was also meant to raise awareness about self-care. In addition to the amazing performances, vendors included Set Sail Apparel, a Houston streetwear brand that features collections that “encompass an idea, theory, or process for achieving positive thought.” Other vendors included Adrienne’s Raw Shea (to love your skin), Alchemy Candle Co. (to love your peace), and several apparel brands (to love your fly).

Alchemy Candle Co. (Photo: Troy Ezeq)

Alchemy Candle Co. (Photo: Troy Ezeq)

Performers included sounds by DJs Jon Rambo and Morganne Niko, as well as Lyssa, Izzar Thomas, and Flyger Woods, all of whom have been making rounds in Houston to establish their up-and-commance (that’s a word now) in the music scene. Among the audience members were tons of other Houston creatives who came out to support their peers.

If your spirits were not lifted after that show, I’m not sure what to tell you. Hopefully, the Love Yoself showcase will become an annual pick-me-up for that after summer slump.

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