jett i masstyr decorative pillows

The Houston producer and his league of many friends create one of the year’s best albums with Decorative Pillows.

When Jett I Masstyr originally pitched the idea of Decorative Pillows, he summarized it as his version of a DJ Khaled album. Unlike a Khaled tape though, his hand would literally be in everything from beats to mastering to making sure every rapper gave him their absolute best. So Decorative Pillows is not only Jett I Masstyr’s most produced album ever, it’s also the most concise.

Each man and woman who jumps on Decorative Pillows has had history with Jett I before. Delorean who took on a little Bobby Womack for Hood Politics 3‘s “Ps And Qs” jumps in on the title track, a 7-minute long rap excursion where Rob Gullatte is his usual disrespectful self, Roosh Williams trades law books for more bars of grace and hasHBrown closes things up. It is of course, the longest record on Decorative Pillows but may not contain the most venom. On an album where guest appearances from battle rap favorite 2Raw, Dante Higgins, El Prez, George Young, John Dew, Jay-Von, Kashmere Don and others arrive, there may not be a singular favorite song. There may be a favorite verse, a favorite line, hell even a favorite section of music. But picking the absolute best? That’ll take some detective work.

In a series of vlogs surrounding the album, Jett I Masstyr put to words his thought process throughout the album. He was a rapper first, producer second. And more often than not, he’s been lauded for the production aspect of his mind more than his raps. Instead of looking to harp on problems, he’s been solution oriented. Decorative Pillows is proof of it. Stream the album below and purchase it on Bandcamp and iTunes.