big krit confetti

A year after 12 For 12 and “Just Might Not Be OK,” Big K.R.I.T. returns.

Fourteen months ago, the loudest thump from Big K.R.I.T. didn’t come via a mixtape release or even much an album. Instead, the Meridian, MS native announced that he had departed from Def Jam Records with a fiery stream of consciousness titled 12 For 12. Fans got a large cache of freestyles to tide them over until Big K.R.I.T. announced his next move. Until, he went radio silent.

Appearing on a few singles here and there, K.R.I.T. kept a notoriously low profile throughout 2017. He popped up in D.C. for a few speaking engagements but for the most part, 2017 was about self-reflection and understanding. K.R.I.T. may not have found himself fully but he’s found a renewed spirit for the music. Case in point, “Confetti,” his first single in well over a year that premiered Thursday night.

Packing the same trunk rattling thump he’s known for, “Confetti” also comes with a sneering demeanor and serious melody. “Got the win, I want the record,” K.R.I.T. raps as guitars come crashing in to emphasis his point. “What’s a crown if you don’t protect it?” The overall tone of “Confetti” is clear as day: K.R.I.T. has returned for respect. And just collecting Ws isn’t enough for him, no matter how hard he shook the world with “Mt. Olympus” three years ago. With an album reportedly done, Krizzle’s here to remind people why he still remains beloved amongst his base and one of the more underrated rapper producers, period.

You can stream “Confetti” below and purchase it on Apple Music and iTunes.