lee-lonn the fall

Lee-Lonn is no longer afraid on his self-produced single.

Lee-Lonn Walker has been releasing music in some form or fashion for a while now. All of the elements to enjoy him are there: a silky falsetto, a boyish charm and a bubbly knack for writing hooks and songs about love. Underneath it, Lee-Lonn fights the same battles we all do in regards to career choice. We’re anxious, nervous and think any one decision can push off in the wrong direction. The Houston singer’s usual mental toiling would take place in seclusion. Not anymore.“The Fall” represents something bigger for Lee. It’s his first self-produced single and the second verse of it focuses squarely on what drives him. His own decision making, both good and bad. Maybe he could have signed to Jas and still be courted by labels. He still misses his grandmother; advice as warm as a summer day in Third Ward. With a simple bass and twist of static, Lee creates a world where everything belongs to him. His voice, his sound. It’s falling for yourself. For your own safety because holding on to something? Keeps you from what you truly desire. Hear “The Fall” from Lee-Lonn on Apple Music below.