Houston singer Damaria would rather stay in with her boo on “Friday Night Interlude,” the latest leak off her ‘Love Overdxse’ EP.


“Love Overdxse” is an overview of what love has proven to be to me: unpredictable. You have to be patient with it or you can get exhausted by it. I even got to a point where I felt like I didn’t want to experience love ever again. It can be like a bad overdose of your favorite drug… and they DO say love is the most powerful drug.” – Damaria

Damaria is pretty fond of Fridays. It was on a Friday night that Damaria first released her “Never Find Another” single. The single’s accompanying music video dropped on a Friday night, as well. And this Friday, the Houston songbird’s debut EP, ‘Love Overdxse,’ will be released to the masses.

‘Love Overdxse’ has actually been three years in the making. Damaria says she spent that time writing non-stop, but she had to build up the confidence to share a full project. Putting something together was the easy part. But finding the right producers, the right personal sound, and releasing something that (to use Damaria’s own words) would be “undeniable for R&B fans?” That took time.

“I went through a lot in the last few years, in terms of being in love, falling out of love, falling in lust, and falling back in love again,” the singer told Day & A Dream. “I think everyone wants to experience what it means to be ‘in love,’ but Love is a roller-coaster of emotions. Because of that, love tends to be difficult for most of us.”

It turns out that there’s actually a song on ‘Love Overdxse’ entitled “Friday Night,” which the singer gave Day & A Dream the greenlight to premiere. In contrast to “Never Find Another,” Damaria sounds much more romantic than scorned.

Over tinkling synths that make for a seductive beat, Damaria coos her insistence on staying in with her lover rather than stepping out. “I just wanna be alone with you – there’s nothing else I’d rather do,” the singer croons on “Friday Night’s” hook. Because it’s only an interlude, it’s not very long. But it serves its purpose: it sets a mood… and a night in has never sounded better.

Take a listen to Damaria’s “Friday Night” for yourself below. Damaria’s debut EP, ‘Love Overdxse,’ releases on September 29th, and you can peep the tracklist for the EP down below as well.