LOE breaks her own mold with her new single, “Hands Up.”

Bluesy guitar strings make themselves known in the opening seconds of “Hands Up,” LOE’s newest single. It almost sounds like listeners are going to be in for a country song. And then, things go entirely in the opposite direction.

In a sense, the instrumental matches LOE’s own approach to the track. We’re used to the Houston songbird letting her seductive vocals simmer over low-key synths and mellow beats. We’re used to her thrusting listeners into their feelings (like on her May single, “You Know”).

“Hands Up” isn’t low-key at all and is, by far, Bazooka LOE’s most club-ready record to date. Producer Skinny MooXe deserves some of the credit, trusting that LOE’s voice would fit just right over a snare-driven, looping beat with the funkiest percussion lurking in the background.

That’s not to say LOE’s voice is any less hypnotic on “Hands Up” just because the beat is different. If anything, it’s harder to resist the songbird here, as she pledges her loyalty to the almighty dollar over all. “Should’ve never chased you – just chase money,” LOE states plainly on the track, even making a clever reference to the police on the track’s hook. Chances are, listeners’ hands won’t be the only things “up” when they hear LOE’s latest – their bodies will likely be rocking to it, too.

Listen to LOE’s “Hands Up” single for yourself down below.