ty dolla sign

In Ty Dolla Sign’s world, drunk messages have never sounded so good.

Security is never a bad thing. We all want to be in a state of mind where we’re at our most relaxed, our most free. Thing is, we normally fixate ourselves on the things that deny us said freedom. Weird juxtaposition, I know. There are times where we find our ways out though; shortcuts to a state of euphoria where we don’t want to come down. Alcohol is one of them.

Yesterday, I laughed until I cried when Shannon Sharpe of FS1’s Undisputed remarked that Michael Jordan had those yellow eyes of his thanks to “Henn Dawg” and cigars. “My eyes get a little heavy sometimes,” Sharpe remarked about the effects of Hennessy. It was a playful jab but there’s truth in Shannon’s side of things. Alcohol either makes us sleepy or inspires the best and worst decisions of our nights. Case in point, liquor and your emotions will send you stumbling down a crystal stair of old conversations with girlfriends, boyfriends and those that “got away.” Trust me, I’ve been there.

Ty Dolla Sign knows this, too. The drunk text is one of the more powerful, yet vulnerable tools in our arsenal. Either we hastily try to cover it up and say it didn’t mean anything (a lie) or we own up to it because it’s something we would wrestle with while sober. On “Message In A Bottle,” Dolla Sign’s latest from his upcoming Beach House 3 album, it turns into something even worse: drunk FaceTimeing.

Effortless cool is Ty Dolla Sign’s entire m.o. He can go to the club of both varieties, have sex with a woman but the liquor will still pull him back to thinking about an ex. To him, the moments are disposable, easily repeatable. That thing you had with a lover that chases you around like a Scooby-Doo villain? That sticks with you. “But I’m too drunk to drive,” he sings in that weed smoke thick lullaby style voice of his. Uber is available. Same for a one-night tryst. It’s still not enough to keep him from sending messages to an old lover.

Swoon worthy with angelic guitar work, “Message In A Bottle” details a night in the life of LA’s current favorite crooner. It also imparts a lesson. No matter how much of “the man” you think you are, there’s always something pulling you back. Alcohol only accelerates that tug-o-war even further.

Photo: Jory Lee Cordy